Best Poker Staking Sites to Buy or Sell Action

Poker Staking  is an alternative way of making money from your passion.

Staking is also a great way for players to take shots at higher buy-in tournaments, live events or post a whole weekend bundle of tournaments, for example.

Finding a good horse and the right time to stake takes some talent. Like not every poker player makes for a professional, also not everyone is born to be a good investor.

If you enjoy or even maybe had success in such activity, in this article we’ll take a closer look to some of the most popular poker staking websites.

If you are a new player, without any significant success in the online poker scene, you will find it hard to sell your shares. Investors need to see that you are a winning player in order to invest their money in you.

1. ChipMeUp Poker Staking Platform

ChipMeUp is maybe the oldest and most reliable poker staking platform. It is part of the PokerNews family and it started way back in 2007, making it one of the most recognized poker marketplaces out there.

The platform’s interface is not very modern, but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate through, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Things to Note When Buying Stakes

There are few things you should look for if you are new to investing in online poker players a.k.a. horses.

Below you will see the main information of an Event in Chip Me Up event. From here you should make sure to:

  • Check the player’s history and scores in a tracking site like
  • Check the player profile, history and feedback on the platform
  • Check the price/value ratio. Also know as markup.
  • Check the tournament(s) that the player has scheduled to play (below this screen on the chipmeup website)
  • Make sure the payment method(s) suits you


Find a good horse is not an easy task. And even if you manage to buy action from a decent player, don’t expect to hit the jackpot every time.

Getting Staked

As already mentioned – you will find a hard time if you are nobody in the online poker world.

I suggest you, before jumping in and posting a staking offers on any platform, fill your profile details and write a brief BIO. Buying few cheap shares in others’ events might also help. Take part in the chat discussion or a forum topic. The main idea is – show that your are real and not some hit and run thief.

Your poker history and results are still the main factors in making someone’s mind to chose to invest in your game, but you can at least show that you are learning and willing to become better player.

As a new player you would want to avoid selling action with high markup!


Fun and challenging competitions are regularly organized by ChipMeUp users, like Last Longer events, where the player who outlasts everyone else in a specific tournament takes the generated prizepool.

2. PokerMarket

PokerMarket is 2014 – born staking website that quickly gained popularity among the poker players. The platform also offers a long list of coaches available for hiring and a videos section, with a wide variety of poker videos. The website is created by well known, experienced poker players and it has a very easy and well put together interface.

The site uses Tokens as a form of on-site currency. With your registration, you receive 50 tokens = $5 for free! Tokens can be spent on videos or items from the store, like books for example. Note that tokens can’t be used for buying shares!


As you can see in the screenshot above, PokerMarket has a modern look and easy to use interface, although the same principles apply here as well. Make sure you have researched the player and putting your money on the best horse out there.

  3. Stake Kings

StakeKings is the big shark in the pool. The website is online from late 2015, but it has some of the biggest names in poker, posting their action on it. Some of them include Brian Rast, Jonathan Little, Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen, Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver, Parker “Tonkaaaap” Talbot, Charlie “Epiphany77”  Carrel, Jaime Staples. 

As you might already understand StakeKings is all about investing in the big guns. If you looking to get staked to play the Big $22 tonight, you should better head to ChipMeUp or PokerMarket.

If you are e serious investor or looking to become one and grab a piece of the biggest live and online events, then StakeKings is your place to be.

Bottom Line

Staking players can put the game in a completely new spot for you. The railing will become a super entertaining and exciting thing and you may find yourself watching final tables with a heartbeat of a sprinter.

If your are a decent player wanting to increase the buy-ins level or simply put more volume on a Sunday, staking will be also very beneficial for you. Just make sure it isn’t distracting you from your game, putting weird thoughts in your head. Just play your normal best game no matter the new circumstances.