Are You Ready to Switch Your 9 to 5 for Full Time Poker Career?

If you are somewhat winning player in poker, the thought of leaving your job for playing full-time probably went through your head at rough times.

You’ve seen other players blogs and stories, how they travel the world, party hard, play on the life scene – an endless cycle of fun and joy. Yes, there are people who killing it and will never look back to their old lifestyle before poker, but there are also way more example of failures.

Why some good players get on a downward spiral when they jump into the full-time poker career life?

The Problem

We are very different from one another and what works for some is not guaranteed to work for you. Your poker results will drop the moment you stop enjoying your life. If that sounds obvious to you, let me explain in more detail.

As a 9 to 5 worker you may hate your boss or colleagues, the endless tasks and deadlines, or the small salary, but whatever your job is, it manages a lot of key life aspects for you.

  • You have to go 5 days a week in a strict hour, you have a schedule and routines in order to fit in that schedule  – you have discipline! You can’t skip a day just like that, you can’t go 3 hours later, just because you partied the previous night, sooner or later you will get fired for violating the rules. In poker, you will end up frustrated and broke if you don’t have discipline, but there is nobody to control you.
  • You are facing different challenges, even if you are not realizing it. We grow in whatever job and position we have, thanks to the obstacles we overcome. Most of the time, if we are not forced, we prefer the comfort zone, and by having a job and tasks given by other people to us, we are forced to find solutions. Dealing with this adds up to the good feeling at the end of the day, when we go to sleep. In Poker you have to chase your own goals and find your own challenges, something a lot of players don’t even know how to do properly.
  • You are socializing – even if your colleagues are not your best friends, you chat with each other, maybe even complaining to each other, you share the same collective mindset, you are all on the same boat and that plays a significant role. That’s big one in poker, if you isolate your self in a bubble, even if you are strong enough to acheive good results, I can guarantee you, you will feel miserable and not happy.
  • You have the goals – you have targets, reaching of which is connected with your bonus at the end of the month. You have deadlines, goals and all kinds of job-specific incentives and most important – people to push you.

So even if you lacking these skills in your character, you are somehow getting them by default with the standard job.

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It’s all up to you now

Most of us are passive in life, let’s be honest, we dream about an easy hassle-free life, where we just make huge amounts of passive income while having tons of pleasure and doing the things we enjoy. But life just doesn’t work that way. Even if you somehow manage to magically make big profits from nothing, I bet you won’t be feeling good in the long run.

Playing poker full time was maybe exciting and profitable for you at the beginning, but then when the motivation and excitement slowly vanished, the poker fairy tail got ugly.

You have to take it serious from day one! No matter how good and talented you are, if you don’t build the good habits, you will get back to your 9 to 5 very soon. That’s where the vast majority of players go wrong.

Poker is not an easy path to a happy life, you’ll have to work your ass off in a completely different dynamics of what you are used to in your job.

Environment, Environment, Environment

From all I’ve seen in my life and in other players’ the most key aspect is to find the right social environment!

Let’s face it, if you don’t have any poker people to talk and discus poker, you are most likely to fail to achieve great results in the long run.

Also your “normal friends” will unintentionaly make you feel guilty for the life that you live, different then theirs. You may often find yourself labeled as “nolifer” staying in home nerd, uncool or other terms coming from their paradigm, while you’re just chasing something bigger.

Find some poker buddies! Being alone in your poker journey is the biggest mistake you could ever make! Whatever you think now, you have to go there and make some connections, not just chat buddies, but true poker brothers, family if you want!

If you already have a friend or friends sharing the same life path? Good for you! You are already one very big step ahead.

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Poker BuddiesHell, even ditch your old friends if they don’t get you and that’s blocking you further in your journey! Who said it’s gonna be easy? There is nothing worse than trying to share a passion with people that are not giving a f@#k about it.

Imagine a musician in a small town, with a social circle made of farmers and loggers for example. How far will he make it with music?

Just make sure your poker friends are also starving for change and success as you do.

Why this is important?

  1. You will feel amazing when you win and less horrible when things are not happening as you want.
  2. You will progress in the game way faster and way further.
  3. You will feel good and understood
  4. You will always have natural competition, goals, motivation, inner jokes and field to develop and dig deeper in the poker universe.
  5. You can split shares between each other in tournaments, and make a profit even when you don’t run good in your game.


From here the sky is the limit for you. In a healthy poker social circle you can really achieve amazing results and be truly happy with life, travel all over the world, see new places, meet new people and all this while following your true passion!

Playing poker full time as a career path and beeing successful at it is mostly hard work off the tables. Yes, you are making your profits while playing, but only play, play, play won’t get you anywhere, and you should be very conscious about your actions. Make a poker group with other players, rent an apartment and dive into this adventure that poker is.

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