Don’t Fall in Love with Poker

It’s Valentine’s day and I wanted to write a quick post on that topic. I know a lot of players will spend the day like a normal weekday, just thinking about poker and playing poker. That’s OK, this day is basically the biggest reaction seeking day of the year, so don’t get me wrong, I hate it too.

Anyways, my point here is that no matter what this day is, you should stop for a second and think about your level of obsession with the game. The nature of the game is such that if you start getting serious, you will put all your time and attention in it. Your mind is probably telling you that the sacrifices is worth the expected returns, money and freedom.

Great results take a lot of effort, there’s no doubt in that, but if you can’t completely shut off your poker mind in days like this, you are in big trouble. Let me explain this.

All the amazing stuff in your mind, that will eventually come in the future as a result of your hard work today, all traveling and places you want to see, all expensive stuff and activities that you imagine you will get when you earn the money, all of won’t be that amazing in reality. Why?

If you don’t learn how to get 100% disconnected from poker in day like this, and enjoy whatever you have in your life at that particular moment. If you can’t stop all the logical thinking, all the poker references that come to your mind, you will never experience the true joy of life, wherever you go and whatever you do. Try putting your foot off that gas pedal and slow down. Try spending some quality time doing something else, mentally being in something else, fully engaged and free of poker thoughts.

Poker is just a transitory thing you do in your life, that will sooner or later end and if you completely forget who you are in the process and stop developing other areas of your life and personality, when that day comes it will be a hell of a sobering slap in your face.

So don’t forget, whatever your mind tells you now, that being fully attached to poker is not the best decision you can make in your life.

When you are on the poker table give it all of your attention, but when you are off, just be completely off.

Balance is overused, but just try to finding that time in your schedule when you are not thinking with your poker mind. Enjoy the things, off the table that life gives you, at the same time be 100% focused when you play your session. Make the most of both worlds and always give yourself time to think where are you with your life, your relationships with people, your social skills, your health & fitness and so on.

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