Poker is Your Life Passion? Embrace it and Never be Ashamed of it

We were all been there, a random person asks what we do for a living and we get uncertain and nervous about the answer.

So we mumble something or even tell a lie.

We are afraid they won’t understand and you have to explain to them how actually there is a lot of skill and thinking involved. But you won’t change their mind. You now why?

Because your words don’t matter at this point. You have already failed, not because you play poker, but because you are ashamed of it.

Let me ask you, do you share your success and epiphanies on your facebook timeline? Or you are telling yourself things like: “they are clueless and they won’t get it, why even bother”.

Do you passionately tell your friends and family about the crazy sleepless hours you spent playing last night or the money you won? Not in a braggy way, but just like a free expression of who you are and what you are involved with.

I guess the answer is no.

Don’t worry I was also that person. That’s not because poker has that contradictory image in our society. It’s because we are not brave enough to freely express ourselves!

A great positive example of someone who is living poker life to its fullest is Charlie Carrel. You can check his Facebook profile and see what I mean.

There is this thing with us – human beings, when we are open to people and we don’t hold back thoughts in our minds, we become vibrant and interesting. And no matter what you think the general perception of a poker player is, you will be an exception to that.

Just Remember

Don’t make an image of yourself based on your occupation.

Don’t get isolated from the world. Have poker buddies, but have other people in your social circle as well.

Connect emotionally with people around you, not logically. This way you will feel pleasant and happy and when you sit back to tables you will feel focused and determined to spend this time in the best possible way. When it’s done – it’s done.