These 5 Distractions Hinder your Success at the Tables

Your Results are Suffering From This! Remove all these distractions while playing to improve your results and overall performance.

You want to be 100% focused on your tables and hands, but we know distractions are everywhere and even if you think it’s not a big deal, these things are causing you money!

Obviously, you should think while you play, so let’s separate the good from the bad thought process first.

The Good

Thinking about your current hand: position, stack size, action before, your image, etc.


Thinking about the opponents: type of style, stack sizes, action before you, notes, HUD stats, tells, etc


Thinking about the game specifics: Players left, ICM, Stack sizes, format dynamics, etc.


The Bad

Any thoughts not related to the game (girls, problems in your life, work, etc)


Any negative self-talk e.g. how unlucky you are, how bad you run, how the game is not fair


Any daydreaming e.g. how you are going to win a lot of money;


You also want to block any emotion rising, no matter positive or negative e.g. When you are dealt pocket aces and your heart rate goes up, you start to imagine what’s next, how you’re going to double up etc.

You do that when you get back to the present and focus your mind only on the action on the table.

You will feel good in your life outside the tables and give it all when playing, fully focused and always playing your A game!

 1. Checking your Email, Facebook, etc

Sometimes we are so excited and the tournament is already started and we don’t want to lose even a second more.

So you jump in, hands are starting to be dealt and damn you forgot to answer someone on messenger about your tomorrow morning plan. So you open Facebook, you exchange some messages, but then you make few scrolls down, and before you even catch yourself you’ve lost a whole hour looking at the damn thing.

So make sure you have checked everything and there won’t be any need to open your browser or phone after you start playing.

2. Prepare Your Food and Drinks

As guys, we tend to get angry if we start feeling hungry. But when you are in a session, you usually can’t do much in the kitchen, even if you use the break, in the best case scenario you will be able to microwave some ready meal.

You don’t want to eat junk, just because there is nothing else available. Eat sometime before you start playing, and 30 min to an hour prior. If you plan to play a long session, deep MTT or just a marathon cash evening, cook one or two meals in the afternoon and prepare some snacks.

If you prefer to order food, you’d want to have it delivered before you start your session.

Good, fresh food will improve your focus, your mind will get sharper and you will feel more energized and less exhausted even after a 12-hour session!

3.  Don’t Check your Graph During a Session

Lot’s of times when no matter if you run good or bad, you will think of checking how you doing in a graphical way.

This basically can do only 2 things:

  1. If it’s going down – Distract you, fuck up your decisions and put worrying thoughts in your head. Force you to start chasing a comeback and eventually make it even worse.
  2. If it’s up – Boost your ego, distract you from your current game, fuck up your decisions, put you in a state where you want to keep it like this, resulting in pressure and distracted mindset.

I know how tempting this is, but try to check your graphs and stats only when you actually can gain something valuable from them. I will limit this to once or twice a week when you reviewing your hand history.

4. Don’t Compare with How Others are Doing

You have favorite players, you have poker buddies, that you probably play at the same time or the same even games. That’s all good, having some sort of competition is much needed for keeping you on track. But when you play, you play!

You don’t want to check every few minutes if playerX is doing better than you in this one tournament. Railing is cool, but rail others when you are not playing by yourself. Focus on your game and make others watch you and

Focus on your game and make others watch you and root for you, while you are crushing it!

5. Don’t Register in any Side Games

Today we have so many distractions available in the Poker Stars lobby (or any other room). If you play

If you play 18-men SnG’s, play these, if you are a MTTier, then play tournaments, if you prefer spin-n-go, play the fucking spins, you got it…

Just don’t jump from one format to another if you are serious about getting results. Keep your main specialty and even if it’s not running well today, just plow through it.

Better yet disable all the distracting pop-up and chat notifications.

Building discipline is the key to your success in the long run. You may feel tempted to try some fast phase game, but remember, this will only distract your mind and mess up with your game plan. Keep it simple.

Focus Only on Your Current Hand

Cutting these small distractions will get you closer to playing in the zone.

You want to focus only on the hand you are playing at the particular moment and make the best play possible, not caring about the outcome.

“Just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord”