Charlie Carrel – From $15 to Winning Millions in the Biggest Online & Live Poker Tournaments

Note: Few months after this article was published Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel Won the 2017 SCOOP Main Event (High), for $1.2M!

Charlie Carrel a.k.a Epiphany77 online, the guy with the messy hairstyle and weird clothing taste. Yeah, Charlie is great!

The poker scene needed some big, colorful character when everything was becoming more and more standard, year after year, so it was time for Charlie Carrel to rise.

He just finished 2nd yesterday, in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas $100K Super High Roller for nearly $1.2 Million.

And if he’s a well-recognized name in the poker field today and scores like this one are no surprise for anybody, just a few years ago, Charlie was watching videos and learning the game online, with his micro $15 poker bankroll.

How Charlie Carrel get to where he is right now?

Even that he had some poker background, playing home games with friends and knowing the basics, it was not before 2012 when Charlie decides to try playing online for real money. The first records we could find are from April 2012, when Charlie played an online tournament at Poker Stars for a very first time.

Charlie is first mixing 6-max sit-n-gos with some freerolls, before he hits his first significant score – a 1st place finish in a $1 180 men sit-n-go for $49.22. After that Charlie continues to play small stakes STTs online from time to time.

Charlie Carrel starts 2013 with mostly playing $3.50 NL Hold’em [9-Max, Turbo] sit-n-gos, while slowing moving up the stakes, trying some $7.00 once and even $15. Epiphany77 as he’s known online is not afraid to mix it up, he’s playing 9, 18, 45, 90 and 180 men turbo sit-n-gos, mixed with some heads up games.

Charlie Carrel celebrating

Charlie Celebrating his $10K High Roller EPT Title with friends

Epiphany77 first significant MTT scores

It is not before the Summer of 2013 when Charlie begins adding more MTTs to his daily grind. We are not sure about the exact date, but this has to be also the time when Charlie Carrel discovers the Gripsed community and YouTube channel and begins really getting caught up with the game and starting to improve his MTT skills.

The First Ever 4-digit score of Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel comes in the Sunday Million, after he satellites his seat through a $11.75 Turbo 2x-Shootout tournament. Later that night he finishes 97th from 6244 players, cashing for $1,236.31.

The young UK player, now probably piqued from the potential that he sees in tournaments, starts adding more and more MTTs and satellites for major events to his schedule. He plays the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-up few more times with no big success. However he’s making a lot of deep runs in the tournaments he joins, and the clever poker player knows, it’s just a matter of time and patience before the big score comes. And it comes… In November 2013 Charlie enters to the $162 Nightly Fifty Grand, from a field of 324 very tough opponents, on the final table Charlie finished 4th for $4,250.00.

Later that month Epiphany77 wins a satellite to the biggest weekly tournament – the $1,050 Super Tuesday, Charlie is not afraid of the big buy-in and jumps straight into the action, unfortunately, he finishes far from the money (344/579).

2014 – The Year of Charlie Carrel

Being a regular on the high stakes tournaments, Charlie is determined to climb higher and higher that ladder. We can only imagine the passion for learning and improving he had at that time.


“He really started working hard, he was watching the videos every day they came out. He was constantly playing, constantly thinking about the game, constantly discussing ideas and hands with other players.”

Even ‘SenorPokes’ Jarvis – Founder of

In the first week of 2014, Charlie won the $215 Weekly NL Omaha H/L for $5,420.34, but that’s just the beginning.

The Sunday Charlie Carrel will never forget

Epiphany77 choping the Sunday Million

It was my biggest tournament score for a solid 40 minutes.

The second Sunday of the year – 01/12/2014, Charlie starts his Sunday grind, which will transform his life forever. Epiphany77 makes two final tables that night, chopping the Sunday Million for $201,711.71, plus additional $10,341.10 from the 6th place finish in the Sunday Second Chance! Several hours later Charlie posted on his Facebook profile a picture of the epic win, commenting: “I’d been playing somewhere near 24 hours. Slept like a log.


“I think all that time and effort, and dedication spent on improving his game, thinking outside the box, just developing his poker mind, and developing his poker skills are what really led to this massive payoff.”

Even ‘SenorPokes’ Jarvis – Founder of


Watch Charlie Carrel on The True Geordie Podcast 

The Online Scene got small for Charlie

Charlie Carrel and Ike

Photo ©Neil Stoddart

Charlie continued with the big online scores, winning the Sunday 500 and adding two WCOOP bracelets to his name. But there was that passion for growing that probably took Charlie to yesterday’s 2nd place in the $100K Super High Roller. We’ve started seeing more of the colorful hoodies and messy hair now, as Charlie Carrel entered the poker live scene.

In November Carrel won his first big Live event title – The 2014 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour London, for £108,625. In March 2015, he final tabled the EPT 11 €10K High Roller event in Malta, finishing 5th for €183,800. Less than two months later the stakes were even higher when Charlie entered the €25 000 High Roller EPT 11 Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Another trophy for Carrel and a record score in his career to that date – €1,114,000!

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Get a piece of Charlie Carrel’s action

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