I Blew my Whole Poker Bankroll

By not playing…

A few days ago I turned 27 and I decided it’s the perfect time for a big party.

I’ve never celebrated my birthday with more than 5 people in a quiet environment, even in my childhood years.

But now I had the big apartment, the new friends (and the old friends) the weekend, everything was perfect except for one thing…

I didn’t have the money.

It was the end of the month and usually, I’m done with the money from my salary after 15th. Needless to say, I don’t have any savings, my only money put aside was in my Poker Stars account.

I withdrew everything, and spend it for the party.

I don’t regret anything, it was perfect. But now I’ve to deposit some fresh money and start building again from the ground.

Not sure where I’m heading with this poker dream, I feel it’s becoming more distant every single month. I just don’t have the drive to play.

Away from that, my affiliate blog is starting to show results and I’m willing to put my horses on it for the moment.

Still, a random Saturday of poker is possible, but it’s clear to me that’s not the way I’ll reach my Top 1000 PLB Goal.