You’re Setting Yourself to Run and Feel Bad

Poker is hard to be defined. For some is gambling and for others is a mind sport.

But whatever you call it, poker is one thing for sure – a business!

A good professional player knows that and he is treating it with all the seriousness as if he’s running a multi million business.

You can fly on the wings of the inspiration and say things to yourself like: “f*** it I play for fun and I don’t care for this bs”, but if you want this game to be your long-term source of income, you have to give it the needed respect.

This Post is For you if:

  • You’re catching yourself to be more negative and nervous lately
  • You don’t feel the joy in anything you experiencing
  • Your results are bad and you are questioning your poker skills
  • You blame your opponents and whine about bad runs online
  • You cut other hobbies from your life, that were once interesting to you
  • You don’t have a plan how to develop anymore, and you think you know it all

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You can’t repeat the same bad patterns over and over again.

Look at yourself, before, during and after your session. What emotions do you feel? Go into your body and feel if there’s a pressure within.

Poker can be a great thing. You can travel the world, you can meet new people and have fun. You can talk passionately about the game.

It can be amazing, but..

Poker can also destroy you! It might sound exaggerated, but this will happen if your mind has bad and negative habits, and if you don’t catch these before is too late.

It’s not even about the money and winning. You can trick your mind and win even in your dark cloud of isolation and frustration, rarely, but it can happen. Even then, what’s the point?

We do this to have our version of an awesome life because you say – screw this boring 9 to 5, that’s not for me, I want more from life, I want more freedom, more money, more epic experiences.

But you end up, throwing stuff to your wall, going to bed mad like a monkey, without much money and none of all these epic experiences.

The things that once seemed inspiring and you were focused on, are now replaced with negativity and miserableness.

Not only you’re losing money, but the quality of this life is not what you wanted in first place.

What Can You Do to Escape this Downward Spiral?

Understand that poker is just a thing you do, in your life and it’s not your life itself! One of the many things you will deal with while going after your ultimate goal!

“But wait, I thought crushing it in poker and becoming the very best was my life goal?”

You want to grow as a player and develop your skillset, but that’s just another part of developing yourself. And you will use this skills for the rest of your life.

That’s why you want to develop good habits, discipline, emotional control.

Your life is shit if you have lost control over your body shape if your social circle is absent if you have trouble interacting with people, what about women? Is having a girlfriend seems as imaginable as winning the Sunday Million.

You can’t lie to yourself forever, you won’t do great in poker, win lots of money, and then work on your life. No! Having a kick ass life will make you a better player and will skyrocket your results.

More than that, you will feel at ease, you will wake up happy and fulfilled every freaking day!